Saturday, June 2, 2012

Some Pinteresting DIYs

  Since getting home last week, everything has been unpacked, we have adjusted to the time, and overall, settled in. For Shaun, settled means being able to golf, golf and then golf some more. He barely used his clubs this past year in France, injuries and the lack of anybody to golf with really threw a wrench in the gears. So he set out early this am (and I mean early...6am) to beat the heat and get a few rounds in with hopes of blowing off the dust that has accumulated on both his clubs and his swing. I would say the weather got the last laugh since it was a cool 68 with no humidity today so going that early wasn't really needed. But since I was up and dropped him off at a friend's house, the weather got the last laugh over both of us. Weather-1,Shaun and Nikki-0. For me however, being settled means I can finally do some of those DIYs I pinned on Pinterest for the last 6 months or so. Sure we can find most of the stuff in France but there is nothing like taking a trip to Michael's or Hobby Lobby in the US and having everything in 1 store. No need to pick up 2 things here, then take a trip to another city to pick up the rest. Come to think of it, France really needs to step their game up on the craft stores. However, I am sure Shaun is happy they haven't since I am a sucker for crafts and that would only add to our 25 boxes or so that we store in the off-season. So while Shaun was out, I semi-organized a 'to-do' list of all things DIY that had caught my eye before going out and gathering some supplies for a few projects. I am starting small since I do have a tendency to take on too big of projects than get mad and walk away when it doesn't go exactly as planned. So for now, I will leave you with some of the projects on my list for the next little bit (like anything these days though, they are subject to change with out notice). 

{Easy homemade art, link here }

{Canvases covered with foil tape designs, link here }

{Refinery 29 DIY clutch, link here}

{DIY canvas portraits by A Beautiful Mess, link here }

{ Cute bracelet courtesy of I Spy DIY, link here}

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