Monday, December 26, 2011

Early Christmas present

   I had originally wanted to post something before Christmas, cause wishing everyone a Merry Christmas on the 26th just doesn't seem logical. However, I received an early present from Santa that kept me a 'little occupied' the last few days. What was it, you ask?? A car, a puppy, a new camera...(those all flowed off the tongue a little too easily I might add). Nope, Santa brought me a shiny brand new ......calcul. Sounds elegant huh? Well it's not, it's a kidney stone. For those who have had personal experiences with one, there is no need to explain, but for those who haven't, consider yourselves very lucky. Since I am trying to forget the experience as quick as possible, I will go into little detail of the last few days in hopes that I, myself, will forget faster. As I reflect on it now, I consider myself to be very fortunate because of these 3 things : Fatiha-my dear friend and translator for the night, drugs (lots 'o drugs), and Shaun. Now needing a translator may not be in the obvious 'me being an american living in France' kind of way so let me elaborate. I truly believe that a translator is needed even when you are in your own country. Don't know if this happens just to me (please say it ain't so) but when in pain or sick, I often say stupid things, things like, " I just wish to die" or "can they just put me to sleep". So as you see, a translator is not neccesarily needed to directly translate that into french, they are often needed to filter out the stupid things said in the heat of the moment. Of course I really didn't want to die or be put to sleep, what am I a dog?  So Fatiha kindly translated " I just wish to die" into " she is still in some pain, do you have anything else to give her?" Followed by translating " can they just put me to sleep?" into " she wishes to feel a little more tired, is there anything you have to help her rest comfortably?"  Having her there was priceless, with out her, I am sure I would still be there making even more stupid statements and embarassing all Americans. The drugs, self explanatory. They helped.... a lot...period. Yes, they made me sick but were worth every part of it. Last but not least, I am very thankful for Shaun. Now this all happened while Shaun was on the road so he couldn't do as much as he would of liked, or at least I am hoping thats what he was thinking. (You never know with Shaun and his poker face). He made my last night in the hospital bearable by bringing me fresh clothes, snacks and things to keep me occupied while I waited to meet my new 'Christmas gift'. After 36 hours in the hospital, my little friend arrived Christmas morning and we were free to leave shortly after to salvage what was left of the day. Turns out we didn't skip a beat. There was enough time to have our turkey dinner and watch all the NBA games.  The optimists out there would say that the passing of the stone on Christmas morning was a gift because I was able to still spend some part of Christmas at home. I look at it as the best gift of all would of been never to receive it in the first place. Me, never been much of an optimist, more of a realist. But what I can tell you is my New Year's resolution will be to DRINK MORE WATER. Happy Holidays!!!

Please forgive any spelling or grammatical errors on this post, as I am still in a mini-fog from the medicine.

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