Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dolce Fregate

{Hotel Dolce Fregate}
     We have been really lucky here. The weather has been unbelievable. Up until this past weekend, the last cloud we saw was in December. I tried to not talk about it too much, for fear of jinxing it. Kind of like talking about a pitcher with a no hitter going, but I must have pressed my luck because it looks like winter may finally be upon us (or at least it will be here for the next week or so).  We realize good weather is not a guarantee here in France, even in the South. A few years ago, we lived in Pau, in the southwest of France, and they had record lows while we were there so we try to take advantage of it when possible and get out. As long as there is sun, I am fine how cold it is. I am like that dog that follows the sun spot across the carpet in the living room.  So when it was in the mid 60's a few weeks ago, we decided to strike while the iron was hot and brush off the ol' golf clubs and head to the course. Now I don't golf, I will go to the driving range, but the last time I actually golfed was when I was 13 and I hit my step-father in the back with a wicked slice on a par 3 course.  True story.  But Shaun is a golfer. He lives for the summers to golf with his friends back in Atlanta. Personally, I couldn't be outside for that long in the hot Atlanta sun but he and his boys wake up at the crack of dawn to get out there early and beat the heat. Those Tech boys are some smart ones... can't get anything past them. Every year, Shaun brings his clubs with him over to France in hopes that one of his teammates plays too. He has been lucky since the last few years he has been able to get out with a few of them. However, this year, he is stuck with me and the most action his clubs have had were me moving them from one side of the closet to the other. So a few weeks ago before his back flare up, we decided to head to Bandol and hits some balls at the driving range for a few hours. The course is at the beautiful Dolce Fregate Hotel overlooking the ocean with many of the holes having water views.  We spent a few hours there at the range and piddling around on the practice green before heading back home. The day was mostly a success.  The clubs got some action, we enjoyed the beautiful weather but Shaun seemed to catch a case of the yips in the process... don't know if that was intentional or not to spend more time at the range. Like I said, Tech boys are smart.


  1. it looks like plomelin's golf, isn't it ? :)

  2. Oui, mais c'est a cote le mer et pas chez vous :)