Thursday, January 5, 2012

Florence videos

Ok, after almost a day of trying to figure this whole uploading video thingie to the computer, I have finally got it and realized we need a new computer at the same time since most of my problems were with that and not my teeny sized brain. Anywhoo, there are few videos on here. Nothing too spectacular, no streaking, no naked girls, just a small peak into the ambiance in the squares for New Years'. Enjoy!!!

The first video is waiting in the square with the band playing and people mingling.

Turning 2012..... noticed the raised champagne bottles in the lower part of the screen.

This video is right after midnight when people started lighting their own little might look unruly but surprisingly, we didn't see one fight or people getting out of hand. But what you can't see is that Shaun is right in the middle of everyone lighting his own, no, we hung out for 30 minutes or so then headed back to the hotel, no 'Frank the Tank' for us.

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