Sunday, August 19, 2012

Confessions...(or 'may haves' if you will)

These are our confessions (Usher has nothing on us) from the last few days which have been our first few days back in France, you stick with me there?

We may have sat at the bench just across the street from the cafe/restaurant that offers wifi every day (our Internet is still not up and running). Karma got the best of me though when I stepped in dog shit while staring at my iphone trying to get a better signal. Karma 1, Nikki 0.

We may have said the word 'awesome' or the phrase 'freakin' awesome' a gazillion times in reference to our new city.

We (or maybe it should be said that I) have eaten equal parts butter/bread for the last few days. So good to be back in the land of oh so creamy/salty butter. On another note...hello cholesterol!!

We may have walked until our feet and backs hurt these past few days..then we walked some more.( I'm sure Shaun's coach will be happy to hear that.)

We may have turned our air-conditioning on full blast because...we can and it's hot as nutz here.

We (I) may have gotten pretty excited for the rolley/grocery thingie left at our place since I will be the one walking to the markets every day for fresh produce. And I am thinking that looking like a pack mule in this heat would not be my best look. Nikki 1, Karma 1, don't really know if it's karma that I get a point against but I needed to get it back. So yeah Karma, take that!!

We may have gotten up super early (ok, not super early, maybe 8 something, it's all relative people) to beat the tourists to the beach and get a good spot. What we found was that they must have slept there because by 9am, the place was crawling with speedo-clad dudes, nutters and saggy man boobs...lovely.

We may have had glasses of rose...multiple days and multiple times a day, you do the math. (Again, I'm sure Shaun's coach will be happy.)

We may have used our car 1 time in the last 5 days because we are that central to everything.

Speaking of cars, we may have put the wrong gas in the car and had to sit on the side of the highway and wait for a tow-truck. DISCLAIMER...the club informed us of which gas to use and even after us saying the car sounded awfully dieselly (if that is a word), they stuck with telling us it was regular gas. Come to find out, it is not....and no, that is not why we only used the car 1 time.

While at the beach, we may have seen the weirdest water/air craft ever. It was a dingy with wings. Our curiosity got the best of us and we may have stayed an extra 20 minutes at the beach to watch this contraption land. Shaun's pale skin is thanking us as we speak.

I may have seen the guy who runs an outdoor candy stall getting his stall set up yesterday. And I know, no denying it, I saw his dog pee on the bags of candy he placed on the ground while setting up his table. Note to anyone in Antibes- steer clear of the candy stall towards the end with the dogs and soggy candy.

Shaun may have asked me last night if the baguette we brought home to eat with dinner was going to actually make it to dinner. I replied honestly and with a full mouth, " I don't know."

We may have watched 25 minutes of fireworks last night just outside our place because the original  fete national fireworks (think July 4th) had to be cancelled and postponed to yesterday. Halfway through the show, Shaun leaned over to me and whispered, "I did this all for you." Seriously...?

I may replace my Bumble and Bumble sea spray with the real thing because I have been rocking some great beach hair for the last 2 days.

I may have been stung by a jellyfish 2 minutes into going into the water today. (Didn't really hurt too much so the verdict is still out if it was really a jellyfish sting or just the saltwater hitting a previous scratch.) But from here on out for stories sake, I will refer to this as 'sharkgate" where I was bitten by the world's smallest shark. FYI- I asked Shaun if he would pee on it if needed, to which he replied "Sure, but back at the house." Who knew he had public 'pee-fright'.

Did I mention we may have used the word 'awesome' to describe our location??? Well that is what you get when your new place is 100-150 yards off the ocean. And we are not talking about any ocean, we are talking about the French Riviera..

Oh, and I may have written this post at said cafe with free wifi and a few glasses of rose under my belt so excuse the grammatical errors.

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