Friday, August 24, 2012

European 'personal space'

  We all know that Europeans have a different definition of 'personal space', or to be honest with you, I don't think they actually have a definition for that word at all. Any American has had this are in line waiting for something and the person behind you is so close, they can read your mind. Or when you are driving, the people behind you are so close you can only see those who are riding in the back seat. For me it's normal, I have been here too long for anything like that to bother me (although ask me in May when I have been here for 9 straight months and then it may bother me). HOWEVER, the other day I was at the beach enjoying the nice weather and the water and after swimming a bit, I came back to my towel and decided to lay face down for a bit. There was a lot of people that day at the beach but there was a good bit of space where I was. So after I nod off, I look up and this picture is exactly what I zoom, nothing.

 All I see is this man's junk nearly on my head. He is so close that his legs are split to go around my that is the kind of European close I can't deal with. I had to snap a picture, if anything to make him aware that it was a bit weird he was so close. He never got the point, and I packed up and left shortly after. After I left, he spread out even more and the more I think of it, I think that was his plan all along. So there is a method to their madness....

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