Saturday, October 27, 2012

Villefranche sur Mer

{Villefrance sur Mer}
     After the storm we had last night (on and off the is now 5-1), we saw that today it was going to be back to it's usual sunny self so we took advantage of it and headed to Villefranche sur Mer for the afternoon. Now let me clarify about this storm. Unlike the 'Frankenstorm' that is headed to the US and has been covered in the news non-stop, we had no warning. There was brutal wind, thunder, vicious lightening and torrential downpours pretty much all night which lead to power outages at the game, a leaky gym roof, and many umbrellas brought out of the closet only to be laid to rest shortly there after because they were no match for this tempete. (Funny story, one of Shaun's teammates ran into the gym all 6'5' of himself with a teeny weeny Strawberry Shortcake umbrella, guess that's all he could find at the last minute). So today with the sun shining, we drove the coastal route down the promenade des anglais in Nice over the hill to Villefranche sur Mer for lunch. We had heard of the area but it has always played second, third and even fouth fiddle to Nice, Cannes and Monaco, so we never made it a priority to visit., until today. First impression was that it was a blend of Cassis and Saint-Tropez with the restuarants on the harbor resembling Cassis and the vibrant colors identical to that of Saint- Tropez. We spent a few hours eating on the water and admiring the boats and the houses that sat on the cliffs above the sea and daydreaming of how awesome it would be to live in one of the villas only for Shaun to remind me that we are pretty lucky ourselves to be able to experience what we have experienced...touché Shaun, touché. However, if there was anything good that came of the storm last night, it was that it put me in more of a Fall/Autumn mindset so I was excited when we saw trees today with a little brown tinge to them, and not the bright green ones that we've become accustomed to. It was only until I took my sunglasses off later did I realize that the color of my lenses were severely altering the colors of the trees and they were in fact, the vibrant green color. And between me and you, I am pretty sure they were greener and they were giving me the finger too. However, as we got in the car to leave, I saw a tree that restored my faith in Fall and in Halloween too. So take that green trees!!

{Funny site of people on the promenade in Nice, those chairs do get some use}

{Sorbet colored church}

{Steep pathway to the sea}

{Hunk I found walking in the steep pathway to the sea}

{The entire facade of the church was Trompe l'oeil-ed}

{Our table for lunch, the water did rise one time over the wall but fortunately I had my purse on the back of the chair. Not fortunate was the lady behind us that had her purse on the ground, and even more unfortunate was her husband since I over heard her say she was in need of a new purse anyway, or an 'upgrade' as she put it}

{Our view at lunch}

{Can you see the brown tinge my glasses gave about teasing}

{Isn't this a 'spooky' tree? Kind of like a hand coming out of a grave reaching for your legs}

{Overlooking Nice harbor and the promenade}

{Sail boat coming into the Nice harbor}

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