Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Quick post to wish all a Happy Halloween. We have a costume party tonight and in usual fashion, I may have over extended myself. I've committed to making cookies, Rice Krispies balls, and mini pumpkin pies not too mention doing both make-up for myself and Shaun. And if that wasn't enough, we ran into a teammate yesterday at the costume store who I will also do his make-up (and possibly sew part of his costume up) and since his one request was, "I want to make at least 1 kid cry", I feel a little pressure. Although between me and you, he is 6-10 so just a lengthy stare will most likely send any kid screaming. The weather has cooled off and we found the biggest pumpkin we could at the store the other day (still smaller than a basketball) so it truly feels like Halloween here, now if I could only find some candy corn...

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