Friday, November 16, 2012

A Return to Normalcy

{Being wheeled around by the mascot}

     Since I received lots of raised eyebrows and questions from friends/family because of my last post and a little 'short fuse' I  had addressed, I feel I need to say we are good, even might go out on a limb and say great. It was less than perfect in the beginning but as with anything, a learning curve is involved, (how to shower, get dressed, sleep etc)... but we have started to get the hang of it. Shaun has been doing great, splitting his time between breaking down film, rehabbing and elevating his leg. He has had minimal to zero pain, only a little pressure when he gets up and the blood rushes to his leg but other than the cast being heavy and inconvenient, it has been all good. And as for me, I have become friends with the wheel chair and no longer threaten to step on it, curse at it or accuse it of having a 'wanky wheel'. Another small inconvenience of Shaun's injury is that his salsa dancing will take a hit. Me on the other hand, I may have lost my partner, but even that won't keep me away. Shaun's teammates film the lessons so I can show him so he at least doesn't fall too far behind, they are all too sweet. The club has been amazing and the support Shaun has received from strangers has been eye opening, even going as far as giving him candies, wine, rolling his wheel chair and chanting his name through out the game. (Funny enough though, the same people who give him candy and wine are also the ones who seem to worry about him gaining weight due to his immobility). Speaking of the game, Shaun seemed to be a magnet for any errant pass in the vicinity as he had to use ninja-like reflexes in his wheelchair to avoid getting hit on the bench (twice). I nearly had a heart attack at first then I became a little annoyed (here comes that short fuse I spoke about) since both the trainer and the Dr. sitting next to him, ducked. Have no fear, Shaun was good and I gave the Dr. and trainer  the 'I will cut your throat' sign from across the court...think they got the point. We have a friend coming to visit for a few days and I know Shaun is looking forward to shooting the breeze with someone other than me...and I sure am happy to be relieved of that duty, because there is only so much basketball and college football this girl can handle...

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