Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween party 2012

(Shaun and I as vampires)

     I have to say, I am very impressed with this team, and I'm not talking about on the court. Every single player dressed up last night at our party and put some major thought into their costumes. We had a Black Jesus (yes, you read that right), a Harry Potter, a female Lil' Wayne, some Indians, some vampires and some obligatory blood soaked scary guys. And after 1.5 hours of make-up and liquid latex for Shaun and a teammate, I am happy to report that they both made the first little one cry when they walked into the party. Sadly, he continued to be scared of them the rest of the night so he stayed in a back room watching a movie, his loss. The food was amazing, a teammate cooked Caribbean food for all of us, and us Americans did what we do best... cookies, cupcakes and rice crispy treats. (FYI, I scratched the mini pumpkin pies since the pie crust I got puffed up to near beach ball size. I'll save them for Thanksgiving anyways). There were lots of laughs and memorable moments last night and fortunately for you, I took my camera, enjoy...

{Rice Crispy treats in the shape of pumpkins)

(Along with Shaun, I did Moussa's make-up. I'm bummed because this angle you can't see the skin hanging off the side. But at least he made a kid cry...and cry....and cry)

(Trevor aka Harry Potter and Bear the 'Devil Dog'. By the end of the night, Trevor had rubbed his lightening scar so it looked more like the remnants of Ash Wednesday than a scar)

(The Yangos' as Indians, too cute)

(Black Jesus, who at some point in the night was carrying a gun. He said, "when Black Jesus is in the hood, he needs to be strapped".)

(Female Lil' Wayne and I)

(Steve and Carine as sexy nurse and.. bloody surgeon?)

(Anthony as an Arabian guy...? But the best part was he was in charge of the music and someone asked him if he was allowed to play music like that in his country. He thought it was a stupid question but clearly he didn't get it since the question was addressed to Arabian Anthony not American Anthony)

(Shaun was thirsty)

(Ben and Stephanie as a priest and a 'naughty nun'.  At one point, Ben had one of the kids on his knee..too real Ben, too real).

(Notice Black Jesus blessing the priest)

(Thirsty again...)

( Bear was sick of his costume by the end of the night and turned it into a chew toy)

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