Sunday, February 10, 2013


     Since we use Instagram fairly often to catch those 'on-the-go' moments, I decided to do a little post sharing some of the fun we have had for the past week. If you are already a follower on Instagram, sorry, but for those others that aren't, like some family members, here is a snapshot of our lives this past week. Enjoy...

{Some footprint fun at the end of my run}

{I have begun to add an extra half mile onto my run so that I can finish earlier and enjoy the beach on the way home}

{Finally found Grey Goose L'Orange...}

{Had to take a pic of these banana nut muffins with streusel topping before they were all gone. All 12 were gone in less than a day}

{Dusk in Juan les Pins}

{Drinks in Cannes..fireplace, lounge music and all}

{Shaun and Trevor drinking the "strongest beer in the world" called La Biere du Demon. FYI, I am giving Trevor the benefit of the doubt in that he must have been so hot from the fireplace that he had to strip down in that under-shirt}

{Some fun on the way back to the car. Trevor thinks Shaun resembles Hugh Jackman so he was thrilled to see a Les Miserables poster. Shaun makes the furrowed brow face all the time but when put on the spot, this is the best he came up with}


  1. you're an iger? I'm heading to look for you! :)

  2. y'all are such an attractive couple
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