Saturday, March 23, 2013

End of the year 'Bucket List'

{Sun, water and a cold beer}
 I can pretty much guarantee that those who live the same lives as us overseas have at least once uttered the words, "oh we'll get around to it". This phrase often times doubles as code for "once it warms up again, we will do it'.  And some do get around to it, and others would... if they could. For us, I can't complain. We have lived up in the north of France where it was cold and gray but never had to worry about snow towards the end of the season so I feel somewhat bad about touching on this subject. However, there has been those years where we missed out on activities because we waited too long and the weather changed and never really changed back before we headed home in late May/early June. Now living in the South of France, one would think we wouldn't have to worry about that, but I'm beginning to worry people. March has been mostly ughhhhh with 2 or 3 days of teasing sunshine. Shaun and I have counted around 18 days already this month in where we have had rain at some point during the day. At first it went unnoticed, then while I was looking at old pictures from Toulon last week, I saw we were beach bound around this time... then panic set in. What if this is one of those years where it really warms up in mid June....right when we are heading back to the US? I know good old Atlanta will bring the heat right when we get back but there is no sea there, no crystal clear waters and certainly not located about a block and a half from our place. So in order to be fully prepared and leave no stone unturned when it does warm up (doing everything in my power to will it to be warm like wearing neon colors, refusing to wear my big jacket and buying lots of lemons for lemonade), I am gathering all my things that I want to do before we head back to the states all in one place, an 'end of the year Bucket List'. God, Shaun is lucky to have someone as prepared (anal) as me...

So here goes...

Get back out on a boat. In October, we went out with some friends to celebrate a birthday and we got the itch. Must. Do. Again.

Get a tan. I am a shade of white that is not attractive right now and Shaun has turned this weird green color. I am waiting for him to bulk up and rip off his t-shirt a la 'The Hulk'. (I know when he reads this the first thing that will cross his mind is 'bulk up'? What? Hasn't she seen me lately?) Help!!

Attend the Monaco Grand Prix. A few years ago, we went to the practice round and talked about it ever since.

Take an end of the year trip. It will be hard because wherever we go, we will leave a sunny (hopefully) French Riviera but a change of scenery is always good. We have thrown around Italy, Spain, London and even Ireland since our Irish friends are pushing it.

Make a Key lime pie.

Use our snorkel gear. We bought snorkel gear a few years ago and used it quite often in Toulon. Could knock out 2 in 1 go if we do that while on the boat.

Go parasailing. The mecca for water activities is on the beach right in front of our house so no excuses.

Do another photo shoot with our friend Romain, just Shaun and I. We have too many self photos of the two of us. And too many turn out to be boogie checkers.

Have a team BBQ. Show the Frenchies what we do as Americans with hot dogs, hamburgers and maybe some smores to boot.

Run 13.1 miles. I will not say run a half-marathon because I have no desire to wake up early, get a number and stand in line with the many others just to run 13.1 miles. So instead, I will run 13.1 miles myself through town. Need to remember not to run past the house at any time because as history has proven, it is impossible for me to run by the house and not stop.

Have a picnic on the beach. Last year, I had full intentions of cooking this elaborate meal for our sunset picnic and in the end, we picked up KFC and it was AWESOME, no muss no fuss, just awesome.

Last but not least, get Shaun in a speedo, grape smuggler, banana hammock, ding-a-ling sling, budgie smuggler, spee-don't...whatever, you want to call it, I am dying to get him in one. Think this is more funny to me because it will never happen.

{Our KFC picnic with the most unbelievable sunset...and the dreaded long arm self photo}


  1. that last goal cracked me up, haha! pics for proof! ;)

  2. Wanna Be There for the last one! Lol I remember we wanted to do the parasailing and I did not have the Time to do it, I regret it...

  3. Wanna Be there for the BBQ , do you think I can visit you end of may beginning of june?