Sunday, March 31, 2013

Insta-goodness (pretty much all of March)

{Took a walk on Easter Sunday and spent some time enjoying the sun and warm weather}

     Ok, so if you all thought I was slightly exaggerating about the crappy weather we have had, then you would be wrong. Shortly after my last post, I read an article in our local paper addressing the grayness and constant rain March brought. Since some of you do not read French, I will sum it up for basically said... I was right, March sucked. (Now if I could only get the paper to back me up on my multiple B.S. statements when talking to Shaun, I would be golden.) No, but seriously, it said we have had more rain in just 3 days of March than in March of '10, '11, and '12 combined...and that was just 3 days early on in March, and I will tell you, it continued. So with April arriving tomorrow, we are very hopeful that the weather will turn and we will be able to check things off on our end of the year 'bucket list' and if today was a preview, I like what I am seeing April, carry on.

{This guy was passing out at the club and I asked Shaun to take a pic of me with him...the guy rallied and opened his eyes. My hashtags read  #unlikefloridaclubcanhandlehimrightnow and #impassedoutbutgoingtopretendlikeimponderinglife}

{St. Patrick's Day goodies}

{A bright and sunny day which I thought was just a teaser of what was to come}

{Another sunny day and I decided I was going to have my morning coffee out at the beach from here on a little ahead of myself with the weather}

{Next morning, this is what we woke to. I had to dodge that cloud all through Antibes on my run. I am proud to say, not a drop found it's way on me}

{An unexpected and very much appreciated 'care package' from the Martins}

{The gazillionth day in a row of rain}

{Found a mozzarella bar in Nice and proceeded to eat this along with a plate of meats and then do it all again right after. I was good with Milan and their 'mozzy' bar since it was a 3 hour drive but Nice is only 15 minutes away, a little too tempting}

{Got a little giddy with the sun and pulled out an app and wrote on a picture. The sun does weird things to me}

{Visited the Absinthe Bar in Antibes and tried some absinthe. Since I love black licorice, I was in heaven but the entire process was cool, albeit a little heroin like with a spoon, but cool none the less. The ambiance added to the night with a crazy piano player, the passing of hats and singing out loud with strangers. Must. Do. Again.}

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