Monday, June 18, 2012

America's favorite past time...

{Turner Field}
      A few times a summer, we 'brave' (pun intended) the heat and head to a baseball game here in Atlanta. We are fortunate to live only a few miles from Turner so going is never a big hassle. However, we try to avoid day games like the plague since the weather can be downright brutal. (Although the weather has been all over the map... we even had a night in the high 50's the other day!!) So fresh off our trip to San Diego, we went to the Braves/Yankees game with our friends Vic and Lisa, who also happens to be a baseball agent...good to have friends in high places. I was excited since I am a Yankees fan, and before you ask why, my family is originally from the east coast and I kind of started following them in the early 90's. I know that disappoints Shaun since he is a die-hard Red Sox fan but I am sure he'll live. And besides..don't tell his family but he has been known to root for the Yanks ever since his buddy Mark Teixeira became one of the Bronx Bombers. So on an uncharacteristically cool Atlanta evening, we sat back and enjoyed some good 'ole baseball/ ballpark food and watched the Yanks beat the Braves. And even saw a grand slam to boot, must have been our lucky day.

{Cheered extra loud for Mark}

{A-Rod's 23rd grandslam that tied Lou Gehrig's record}

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