Monday, June 4, 2012

We are off...


 Cue the Anchorman quotes... we are headed out to San Diego for the next week or so. While we always make a trip every summer, we normally give my mom a little more than a 3 day notice, but keeping others on their toes has always been one of our strong points. Fortunately, she was a step ahead of us and never skipped a beat when we told her we were arriving in a few days. So while Atlanta decides between rain, thunderstorms and the rare but ever so appreciated 'sunny day with out humidity', we will be soaking up the sun and enjoying as much beach time/Mexican food as we can get in the next 8 days. Packing was difficult since we both anticipate eating Carne Asada burritos and rolled tacos on a daily basis, so clothes that went with our meals were a must, and by that, I mean ones that are stretchy around the waist. Nicos, Alibertos, Roybertos, or any-berto for that matter, here we come!!! Oh and 'you stay classy San Diego'.

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