Wednesday, December 19, 2012

6 weeks

{Working hard and getting his ass kicked by Yoann, his trainer}
     Haven't updated on Shaun's injury in a long time so I figured I might as well do a post on some of our highlights/ low lights of the last few weeks. At our 3 weeks post op appt, the Dr. decided to take the cast of completely and gasp....put nothing back on. His reasoning was that the quicker you get mobility back in your foot, the better...and who I am to argue, although I did and this is why. The morning of the appt it was raining and long story short, Shaun's crutches slipped out from underneath him in the lobby and he placed his full body weight on his casted foot in an attempt to not fall. For the first time, he felt pain, a lot of pain. The kind of pain that made him think he tore it again. Dr. took a look at it and said everything was O.K. and having the cast on did not allow his achilles to move, protecting it. All I could think was thank God for that cast. But this is where things got hairy. He then told us he would not be putting it back on. Yep that's right, no cast, which meant no safety blanket, nothing. I thought surely he didn't understand what had just happened down in the lobby and pleaded my case (or Shaun's case but since he was still ghost white and shaken from his slip, I saw the need to take over). But nope, the Dr understood and pleaded his case back. After going back and forth in French and English with some added charades, we agreed on no cast but he would give us a walking boot for those times that it was wet and/or he was in a crowded area. Like how I implied that I had some say in this decision? But honestly, I think when he looked at Shaun's white face, he felt pity and threw us a bone with the boot. Not to mention, the constant chatter coming from me probably annoyed him. Doesn't matter what the language, I have a skill of talking so fast and at such high quantities that I can confuse the other in the conversation or what I like to call 'bamboozle' them into agreeing with me. Hey, but we at least walked out of there a little less frazzled so add 1 point for the Feins. Fast forward to 6 weeks post op and everything has been great. He is walking with out crutches in controlled environments and I am counting down the days until he can drive again (11 days 14 hours and 7 minutes). His mobility improves everyday and he is able to shoot at practice which, fortunately for me, satisfies his competitive craving since I am getting a little tired of being on the losing end of 'games' or being cut off as I am walking down the hallway in an apparent race I never even knew about. We have family coming in for Christmas so we are both very excited. It will be fun to show them a little glimpse into our lives here. And bonus....Santa will be coming for Christmas too. Life is good.

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