Thursday, December 6, 2012

In full Christmas mode

{Downtown Antibes ready for Christmas}

 We are in it folks. Full. Christmas. Mode. First off, when I say 'we', I am mostly meaning 'me' since I  am a holiday-o-holic. I am sure Shaun enjoys it as much as the next guy but it is mostly me who is on a 'holiday high'. At our house back in the states, our attic consists mostly of holiday decor boxes (ummm...and maybe my clothes/shoes).  But I am proud to say that I am a equal opportunist, I can hang skeletons, cobwebs and goblins just as well as wreaths, bows and garlands, I'm crafty like that. Now I know I posted a picture in the last post of our tree but about 30 minutes after I took the pic, the lower half of the lights went out. To those in the U.S., I am sure you are thinking, well that stinks, but just go get some new ones. I could only wish it were that easy. You see, we have had our tree and lights for almost 10 years (I am beginning to see why the lights fizzled out) and I had to search high and low for regular white twinkle lights with a green cord that first year. I guess I always feared the day would come where one of the 6 sets went out and I had to, gasp, start the search all over. Well that day was last week, and it was frustrating since the french have seemed to move in a more modern direction with their lights, most being blinking silver or blue lights on a white string, not what I need. So after 8 different stores, I realized I had to settle for re-adjusting the existing lights on the tree and shunning my inner 'Griswold' by not having oodles of lights....bah humbug. In my disgust, I added more ornaments and even made a bow to top the tree with two red balls that look suspiciously like, well, real balls since one hangs a little lower than the other. Now when I see the tree, I don't even notice the lack of lights, just the beautiful bow with the 2 questionable red balls...winning!!!

{ I promise our tree is on the taller side, at least for France. This pic makes it look teeny but it's about 6ft.}

{See the bow with it's 2 sidekicks?}
{Accidentally took this pic and it could be my favorite}

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