Thursday, December 20, 2012

End of the World

{Bugarach, photo cred here}
    A few days ago, Shaun and I joined a few of our friends at a local pub for some drinks and laughs. Inevitably, the conversation turned towards this Friday, December 21st, and what the Mayans are predicting as the 'end of the world'. Call me ignorant, but in all honesty, I had not heard of this before. (I just spent $250 on a haircut and color. If I would of known this last week, I would of embraced my roots and 'bangless' do. If anything, not to save money but to have those 2.5 hours of my life back that I wasted sitting in the chair.) I guess you could say not being hip to the Mayan culture cost me in more ways than one. However, there was mention of a village that will be spared of the 'alleged' doom and terror that awaits us.  It is called Bugarach and it is located in the Southwest of France. So whew, me and my new coiffe are good as it's only a car ride away. On December 21st, Pic de Bugarach, a mountain over-looking the village, is expected to open up and UFO's will appear from out of their spaceship to save those nearby. Now as ludicrous as this sounds (I am trying to regain my composure as I type this ) thousands of people are expected to descend on this little village in the mountains in an attempt to escape fate, to be a witness, or just to say, 'I was there'. And all this is infuriating the Mayor and the 200 villagers who reside there. He has since ordered police to patrol the perimeter and not allow any non-residents inside the village. Is it me or is he just being selfish? I mean, I am pretty sure the UFO's will have space for more than 200 or so, so what's the deal? And he obviously does not know that I had my hair done just for this. See how I spun that to my advantage. I have said it before but I will say it again, I am tricky like that. But back to Mayor Jean-Pierre Delord and his many attempts to keep all 'unwanted' out. I think he is majorly missing out on a golden opportunity here. Imagine the revenue that these tourists would bring to the village. Quickly throw together some UFO mugs, key chains and t-shirts and sit back and watch the cash roll in. It seems like a 'fail-proof' plan to me, but who am I to say anything? I am the one making a mockery of all this 'end of the world' talk. Good news is that if it's true, there are only 200 people or so that will be able to say 'we told you so' and laugh at me. I'll take my chances with that number.

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