Sunday, April 22, 2012

Birthday shout out!!!

    Gotta give a birthday shout out to the coolest funniest toughest little 7 year old dude around. Of course we may be biased just a wee bit since he is our nephew, but even non-relatives have been known to use those words to describe him you be the judge. Ty turns a whopping 7 years old today!!! So let me break it down for you...Why do I say the coolest? Ummm, because his dancing to Taio Cruz, Black Eyed Peas and LMFAO puts some people on So You Think You Can Dance to shame. In a few years, we will all be doing the 'Ty' and saying 'Dougie' what?? True story, last year we shared his 'The Time/Dirty Bit 'video with one of Shaun's teammates and no lie, when the song would come on during warm-ups or half-time, they would look at each other and do some Ty inspired moves. Why do I say the funniest? Well a few summers ago, I was sitting playing with him at his house in Pennsylvania and I said, " whatcha talkin' bout Willis?" And he turned to me and said, "my name is not Willis, it's Ty. So it should be whatcha talkin' bout Ty." And finally, why do I say the toughest? Well because this little stud had previously hurt himself on the playground and not until a few weeks later when his foot wasn't getting any better, did the doctors do an x-ray and found he had a broken bone in his foot. Yep, that's right, he had been walking all over the place on a broken foot. And unlike kids who like to be hurt and coddled (I wouldn't know anything about smuggling my mom's neck brace to school in 2nd grade to try to get sympathy...nope, nothing at all), Ty wants to get that boot off asap. Now, that's one tough cookie. Happy Birthday bud and can't wait to see you over the summer!!!

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