Sunday, April 1, 2012

Oh, and two more things...

{Image via Frederic Maurel}
     These are the photos I was telling you all about in the last post that were taken by the 'professional' looking guy with the camera. Yep, he sent them!!! (See there are still some honest people in the world).  They are awesome pictures that we will cherish forever, although I am a bit bummed that I decided to wear my biggest baggiest 'boyfriend' jeans that needed to be rolled a zillion times. If I would of known we would of been modeling, I would of went all out. Anywhoo, thanks a million Fred for sending the pics, we will be your models anytime...just a little heads up next time so I can dress accordingly. Oh, and he attached his personal website as well to the photos. Check it out, there are some great pictures on there.

{Yep, you guessed it...Frederic Maurel}


  1. ok, I just noticed these.... arent they gorgeous! I hope you have one in a frame somewhere! :)

    Louise xo

  2. Not yet, but heading out tomorrow to make a copy and frame it. They are great pics huh?