Monday, April 16, 2012

Things that made us go hmmmm...

   I don't know what it is around this time of year but there always seems to be things that either make us shake our head or laugh...or both. I chalk it up to the fact that we haven't been back stateside since August so we are getting a little stir-crazy here, usually happens around this time. (Driving, cutting in lines, standing in your personal space... the usual suspects that semi-bother us seem to really bother us around this time.) Or it could also be that we are dealing with a club that does things so off the radar that if you don't see it for yourself, you wouldn't believe it actually happens. I will take this time to speak for the current team and teams of the past here at HTV, this stuff happens, no exaggerating needed. However, we make a concerted effort to not let it bother us anymore than it needs to by finding the humor in it all. Besides, we can never be prepared as to what is about to happen since we are not familiar with left-field, which is where all of this stuff comes from. So here are a few things that have made us laugh this past week.

{I don't know what to feel about this drink.. maybe scared?}

{Nothing like squirting some creamy green sauce on pizza...keep it mature folks}

{Questionable slice of pepperoni on our pizza, I felt weird eating it, Shaun didn't}

{Gotta love the Real American Cranberry Sauce in a squeeze tube)

     In addition to the above, there has been a few things that have not only had us going hmmmmmm, but also had us saying WTF. While most are things related to basketball here and the club, the weather has had us constantly on our toes, and not in a good way. ( I will refrain from airing all dirty laundry until we are outta here...hey, I might look dumb but looks are deceiving). But this weather has been misleading, I like to refer to it as a big tease. It was great late March but since then, we have had wind, rain, sun, thunderstorms....all in the same day for the past few weeks. I look at our pictures from last year and we were already at the beach by now. I know I said a few posts ago I would happily give my boots and sweaters one more go around, but enough is enough, it's mid April.

{Hopefully this means sunnier days are on the horizon}


  1. haha, I laughed out loud at the "real" sauce in the squeezy tube. Its crazy!
    Ah, I was just saying to my friends the other day that this time last year I had my bikini on at the, we have got the mini heater out for our apartment as they switched off the building heating system in March when it was super hot! grrrr.
    Anyway, looking forward to hearing your rants when you have left...i'll hopefully not have too many to share but I'm doubtful, we leave Saturday for pastures new!


  2. Actually had some great stories about the club but we decided it might not be smart to let it all out until we are completely done here so I deleted them......they are pretty unreal too. Yeah gotta love this all over the place weather, we keep telling ourselves it will get warm here soon, but who knows!?! Travel safe.

  3. Great post! My guy and I feel the same way this time of year. Also, the weather in Limoges has been horrible, cold, windy and rainy! Hopefully there will be good weather coming our way.


  4. Meggie, let's hope it gets better here soon. I keep looking at the meteo and then looking at Shaun in disbelief...needless to say, he is getting sick of both the bad weather and me giving him 'that look'. Fingers crossed!!