Saturday, April 7, 2012


{One of many flowers blooming in out backyard}
   I can't tell you how much we love Spring. Sure, it's hotter in the summer but Spring just feels so right..I don't know why, maybe because it's coming off of winter, who knows. I welcome the longer days, the chirping birds and even the croaking frogs. I walked out front the other night and couldn't believe how loud the frogs were. It almost felt like some exaggeration in a Disney movie. I don't know where they are located and to be honest, I am not sure I want to know because if their croaks are any indication, these are car sized frogs. Funny story, when I first met Shaun and he would 'sleep over', I always used one of those Homedics sleep sound things and my favorite sound to fall asleep to was the frogs. After the 'newness' wore off of our relationship and we were more comfortable with each other, Shaun confessed he hated it and it kept him up at away went the Homedics. So as much as I would like to sleep with our windows open here, I can already see it being a 'no-go'. The grass is growing at an alarming rate and even the turtles have returned in our backyard. For those of you wondering, we don't live out in the sticks nor do we run a funny farm, I promise. We have bbqued non-stop and spent as much time as we can outdoors. Besides, what's the good of having nice weather if you don't take advantage of it? And we also know the ability to be outside lounging in the backyard or taking walks won't last long. In a little over 6 weeks, we will be heading back to Atlanta where it will probably already be high 90's and you have to take cover in anything air-conditioned. And going for a walk? Yeah, maybe at 9 pm. So until then, we will soak up all the non-humidity we can get.

{Crazy tree we saw today on our walk}
{1 of 4 turtles in our backyard...and they are surprisingly friendly}

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