Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ciao mes amis...

{The last supper..of all of us together}
     That's it, or pretty much all of it. We have done our errands, said our goodbyes and packed up and stored our 25 boxes or so. Now it is time to decompress and look forward to the summer. We had one last hurrah on Tuesday night with some friends and teammates at the beach before buckling down and being 'responsible'. No more French 'to-do' lists lying around, no more post-it notes stuck to the desk, my purse, the car, the kitchen table, Shaun's back... They have all been replaced by Atlanta 'to-do' lists. And while we love having our own house back in the states, it does provide for some more 'tricky' scheduling, like turning on gas, cable and water....meaning the next few days should be semi-hectic as well. We will miss France and all it has to offer, but to be honest, we are very excited to head back and take a break from France for the summer. While running errands these past few days, we've planned out our food schedule for the first few days home and what we are going to eat. It might sound weird to many, but just imagine not being able to eat some of your favorite things for over 10 months. Sometimes I think the fact that we can't have it, makes it way more appealing. It is funny though because around March 'foods you can't wait to eat when you get home' becomes a hot topic amongst basketball players living abroad. Some drive to their favorite spot straight from the airport upon arrival while others have it actually brought to the airport. (True story: a few years ago, my mother looked into trying to overnight us some Carne Asada burritos from San Diego...and it made perfect sense to us at the time.... that is how desperate people get). So with only a day left, we will soon bid adieu to Toulon and hello to the land of Willys, deli sandwiches, boneless buffalo wings, McDonald's breakfast (don't ask, its a Shaun thing) and ranch dressing.....oops, you'll have to excuse the drool on the laptop, it was accidental. We will miss you France, see you soon!

{Teammate and friends Pacc, Fatiha and Ilian}

{Olivier the great}

{One goofy one for the road}
And to our house... you have been great for two years but we fear you have ruined it for us in the future since others will be compared to you. You spoiled us... and shame on you for doing so!!!

{There may never be another like you}
{Or you...}

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