Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dusting it off

{Lunch in Marseille before the rugby game}
      Last year, a sponsor of both the HTV basketball team and the RCT rugby team, Phillipe, so kindly treated me and Allyson to an afternoon in Marseille and the RCT/Toulouse rugby game. We went with our friend Olivier and met up with him and some friends for lunch at the port before the game. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Allyson and I found ourselves as the only girls in a sea of 11 men that were either friends or sponsors of the team. I can pretty much talk to anyone or anything and Allyson is the exact same way, so we didn't skip a beat. The lunch was amazing: great food, great weather and great conversations (lots of hand gestures where flying to help with the translations since most only spoke French) The game was exciting, although I will admit I am still not sure of the rules, but RCT won which made us all happy. While we were at the game, Phillipe asked me to play in his annual soccer game where he gets together a few professional athletes from all the sports here for a scrimmage. There are some handball players, former basketball players, rugby players, etc... Unfortunately, the game was scheduled for the day after we left so I was unavailable to play. Fast forward to this year and Phillipe and I talked again and realized I would be here for the game. I was a little hesitant at first since I have not touched a soccer ball in a few years... honestly. I run, lift weights and do some plyos but touch a soccer ball, nope. Sure I have kicked a basketball a few times (seems to be Shaun's coach's favorite thing to do with me) but I don't own cleats or a ball here in France. So after contemplating getting out of playing, I finally decided to go and Shaun and I had an agreement that we would tell him we couldn't stay for long, especially if I wasn't having fun. We stayed until the end, no excuses needed. I was a bit rusty and I am sure if you ask me in a few days how it went it will be a different story since my body will have reached it's maximum soreness. But it was nice to do something a little different for a change. There were some good players and there were some who were just happy to make contact with the ball. I was re-united with all of our buddies that we went to the rugby game with so it was nice to see old faces, especially before we leave here and most likely will never see them again. The roles were reversed for a few hours and Shaun was the one on the sidelines being a fan. He took some pictures and said it was funny to see me back in that element again, even if it was in sweats and tennis shoes. I am sure if he had Bruce Springsteen's Glory Days on his Ipod he would of played it for me on the ride home, just to be a wise ass. So thank you Phillipe for last year and an enjoyable time again this year, I will be sending you my massage bill....

{Couldn't tell you what they were doing there...}

Some soccer pics. It seems both the camera and the camera man need a little work, sorry. Lucky coincidence though because now it really hits home to Shaun we need a new camera, guess that's all it took.

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