Monday, May 21, 2012

Wrap it up

{My best freind over the last 2 days}

The season has finally come to a close (thank God) and we have been all over the map. Initially, we wanted to stay 10 days or so after the season to enjoy the beach and relax before heading back to Atlanta, but seeing that the weather is terrible, we have pretty much ran errands, packed and tied up loose ends. No beach for us. And by the weather being terrible, I mean wind, rain and overall crappiness. We laugh when we see a sunny picture of the Cannes Film Festival that is going on right now because either that picture was taken last year or they took all the pictures when the sun made it's only 5 minute appearance in the last 4 days. Kind of a bummer looking out our window here and seeing a monsoon and knowing it is 80's and sunny in Atlanta. Hell, I'll even take the Atlanta humidity right now but you can't win 'em all, can you? And packing, I loathe packing! Not just for the obvious reasons of it being tedious and boring. But also because I have a habit of 'discovering' things while packing that once I know is there, I could never imagine living with out (even though it has sat in my closet for the last 9 months or even the past few years and I never had a problem ignoring it). Shaun always loves when I do this since I often try these new discoveries on all at one time and trot around the house proud as peacock because of my new find. Bold lipsticks, nail polishes and stockings always make an appearance so put them all together and what do you get? A $2 hooker. (I did say Shaun enjoyed it right...?) So when people ask us how we have 20 boxes of stuff not included furniture, know that yes, the above mentioned are part of the reason but the other reason is, we have lived here for 11 years. Accumulation happens people. I can't help it and even if I could, I wouldn't want to. So today we took a break from packing to eat lunch and run errands which consisted of paying a hospital bill which if one more person told us we were in the wrong place, I was going to call it a day and not pay it. It was one of the hardest times I've ever had trying to pay something. In other words, I couldn't get rid of this money, how often does that happen? Fortunately for us, Marie helped us every step of the way and doubled as a anger management coach. She has been kind enough to offer to let us store our boxes in her garage. And I am pretty confident she did not know what she was getting herself into, but like the trooper she is, she adapted on the fly. We don't know yet where we will be next year but we do know we won't be here in Toulon. Yes, we are happy to be away from the basketball part here but we will miss our friends dearly and hopefully we will be able to see them all again soon.

{About half-way done}
{Shaun. Marie and I ate lunch at one of our favorite brasseries and all three of us had the Goat Cheese salad. I am so happy we managed to get it in one last time before heading out because I know there are going to be nights in Atlanta where all I want is this salad.}


  1. ahhhh, so excited to see where this crazy life takes you next!! I'll be waiting patiently! We're heading to Lyon! (we can finally say it!) So exciting...

    Louise xo

    1. That is so great for you all!! And I've heard amazing things about Lyon too. So nice knowing where you are headed early so the summer is stress free. We actually already know but I think it will be official here soon so I'll keep you updated. Hope wedding stuff is coming along:)