Tuesday, May 15, 2012


{Shaun and Marie after the last home game. The shirt was a gift from all three of them signed and sealed with lipstick kisses}
     Just before my mom got here last week, we had 3 of our friends over for dinner who work for the club. It was our way of thanking them for the past 2 years. Marie, Katy and Virginie have all provided us with many 'funny' moments and Marie has been my 'go-to' friend to sit with at the games when the other wives (or the other wife in my case, Fatiha) can't make it. At some point over the last 2 seasons, they have all gone out of their way to help us in some form or another. For example, when Shaun was struggling with his hamstring and the club told Shaun an MRI was not possible for at least 10 days, we called Marie and she got Shaun an MRI that night. Although the season has been a trying one and pretty unprofessional on most levels, there have still been a few people here who are genuinely caring and give with no expectations of receiving (shame that these may be the only 3 that actually work for the club though). So we decided to have an apero and dinner at our house before the end of the season to give them a taste of 'american' food and thank them. At first we were a little afraid since only french would be spoken and we wondered if the conversation would flow but after 5 minutes, we realized we had nothing to worry about. We enjoyed some Spinach Artichoke Dip, Bacon Wrapped Boursin Chicken and a Pear/Apple Crisp...and plenty of champagne and wine (come to think of it, maybe that's why the conversation flowed). As with pretty much every time we are with frenchies, we learned/taught each other 'unique' phrases in both languages and most importantly, laughed. They arrived a little after 7 and before we knew it, it was after 1. At that point, I tried to translate the phrase, 'time flies when you're having fun' but the wine had gotten the best of me so it wasn't my best effort. But these are the memories we will remember when we look back at our time spent here in Toulon and I know we will keep in touch with all of them. Besides, there was plenty of talk of visiting next year wherever we are or them taking a trip stateside. Thanks again ladies for everything.
{Shaun and Marie}
{My wine smile...gotta work on that}

{Katy, Virginie, me and Shaun...the necklace was also a gift from them, along with a bracelet you can't see. It appears I may not be the only one who needs to work on their smile...Virginie?}

{As with any 'Fein' soiree, things got silly}


  1. trop funny Shaun le verre de rosé y est pour quelque chose ha! ha! ha!


  2. le seul moment où je ne rigole et marie prend la photo !!!! :(

  3. Je sais, Virginie. Normalement c'est moi qui rigole pas quand Shaun prend la photo ou je rigole trop et je resemble un clown. (Regardez la photo au-dessus de Shaun et moi...) Et Marie, je pense que la nouvelle boisson favorite de Shaun est rosé...a bien tot!!