Friday, July 13, 2012

Birthday wishes...

{Originally had a heart on it but someone couldn't wait to dig in}
     Today is Shaun's birthday and yes, I am older than him... by 3 weeks or so. Doesn't matter that it is a mere 20 something days, his shtick is that he married a cougar. Nice, huh?. So I guess that means I married myself a 'younger' man, so it goes both ways. He doesn't want this big hoopla today, just a dinner/drinks with some close friends. So we will enjoy the day as if it were any other, work out, hang out and lots of eating. But so far the highlight of our day has been learning that Shaun's parents called our house line (which we have not had for around 8 years) and sang Happy Birthday to some stranger, and after they finished the man said 'I didn't have the heart to stop you, sorry'. Happy Birthday babe!!

{Think she is trying to rub in the fact that the weather has been all over the place here in Atlanta?}

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