Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Georgia Aquarium

     It only makes sense to do a blog about the Georgia Aquarium fresh off my last post about sharks on the Cape. Well, at least in my little world it makes sense. And it was not all, so don't get any ideas. If I only was that smart to segway from sharks to the aquarium on purpose. But it just so happened that we had some friends in town this past weekend with a little one and when they suggested going to the aquarium, we both jumped at the opportunity to go, seeing we haven't been since it opened in 2005. We had heard all the hoopla of it being the biggest in the world, it being the only place outside Asia to have whale sharks, and also having an incredible dolphin show (which was way more dude in tights singing, than dolphins doing tricks). And a bonus for us was if it sucked, we could chalk it up to being a trip for Kolton (said little one) and blame him, not really. There are not many things that actually live up to the hype, but I can safely say the aquarium did. It was borderline overwhelming...thank God for the freebie map they handed out. My personal favorites were the Beluga whales because they got frisky and were very active when we passed by. Shaun's favorites were the otters since they played non-stop, think they reminded him of our late dogs Max and Bella. About 5 minutes into the dolphin show, all of us adults looked around to make sure we were actually at the dolphin show, not the theater. I am sure the kids enjoyed the minimal dolphin action, but adults, you have been forewarned...there will be tights, overacting and singing.

{This little guy came over to the glass to say hi}

{No idea what kind of fish this is, but the markings are freakin' awesome, if only I could find a top in that print and color}

{Don't they always look happy?}

{Who me?!?!}

{The 'friskiness' I was talking about}

{This is the closest (hopefully) I will ever be to a shark}

{Whale shark, again cool markings}

{Kolton and I hamming it up}

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