Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cape Cod

 For the last few days, we have been spending time with Shaun's family in his hometown on the Cape. I have to admit, sometimes I feel like we are getting the best of both worlds (or 3 worlds in our case) because my family is in San Diego, Shaun's is up at the Cape and then we live most of the year on the French Riviera, rough life. I feel pretty happy to be able to call these places home and or hometown and not somewhere ummmm, lets say, less desirable. So for the last few days we have tried to experience all that the Cape can throw at us.....mainly seafood, the beach, and those freakin' awesome hydrangeas. Hydrangeas grow like weeds here and I am pretty confident that most houses wouldn't have a problem supplying entire weddings with them from just their front yards alone. We've had water balloon fights, corn hole competitions and many many many margaritas. I get the feeling we may need a vacation after a vacation...

{Typical 'cape cod' house}

{Quaint church}

{The Fein's shed}

{Backyard figs stuffed with chevre and topped with balsamic glaze}

{Backyard corn hole}

{Oceanfront dining}

{A little backyard wrestling}

{Some backyard drinks}

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