Monday, July 9, 2012

Umm, no thank you

{photo courtesy of The Cape Cod Times...and yeah, I would be sitting down on my paddleboard too}
     In a little over a week we are heading up to the Cape to visit Shaun's family. Normally, there is some golf, some visiting with friends, some eating out, the normal stuff one does when seeing family. Oh, and the other thing we always try to aim for is lots of beach time. That is, until Shaun showed me an article yesterday about a certain great white that has been 'vacationing' on the Cape as well. Now those who know me, know that sharks are a 'no-go' for me. I even avoid lakes for fear that I will be that one person who is attacked by a a lake. Sure, living on the French Riviera for the last 2 years has 'loosened' me up a bit but I still swim with one eye on a constant swivel for sharks (ok, not literally but if this were really physically possible, you best believe I'd be a swivelin'). And to make it worse, this shark was at the same beach we go to...why couldn't I have seen this article in a few weeks? Because in this instance, ignorance is bliss.

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