Wednesday, February 8, 2012


     So I pretty much came from a D.I.Y. family, and not the 'make your own Christmas cards', or 'do your own manicures' sort of D.I.Y.  The 'build your own house' kind of D.I.Y. And I am not exaggerating, my mother and father built a house from the ground up with their own two hands, no help.  Sure it took them a few years to complete but they did it themselves and in the process, took in a massive amount of knowledge that's not taught in any book.  I was not blessed with the full D.I.Y. gene, just a partial one, more like the 'make your own Christmas card' and 'home manicures' gene.  I can follow directions but lose concentration halfway through, resulting in lots of half finished projects.  Come to think of it, maybe I inherited another gene along the way, A.D.D.  ( I can almost hear my mom right now saying 'what, inherited it!?! She didn't get that from me...'  Wait, what was I talking about again?  Forgive me I got a little sidetracked. Oh, D.I.Y.  So when I saw this project on a blog, my D.I.Y. gene reared it's head again.  I will not bore you with the details of how to do it, instead if you are interested, click here.  It has all my criteria: easy to do, shiny sparkly things, and makes a big impact with little effort.  I most likely will do this over the summer since I am pretty sure I have everything for this project at our place in Atlanta in my craft bin, which is large by the way.  I told you I have a tendency to start things with good intentions and then I grow bored with them after, hence the large craft bin filled with glitter, rhinestones, studs, paints, glue guns, bedazzlers etc... Yeah, I said it, a bedazzler.  I am not ashamed.  And I am pretty sure both Max and Bella were lucky they were so wiggly and elusive because if not, I would of bedazzled the crap out of the them too (or at least a few outfits for them).  Until this summer, I will dream of my bedazzler, the glue gun and the few clutches I have picked up over the years that could do with some good old fashioned sparkle and anything else around the house for that matter.
     Here are some of my D.I.Y.'s that I actually finished over here....

     We would also like to wish Shaun's mom a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  She is celebrating her 30th birthday today..I need to get on that plan here soon.  We wish you all the sunshine the Cape has to offer and will hopefully see you soon....hmmm, maybe I foresee a jeweled encrusted clutch going her way this summer.


  1. awww happy birthday to her!!
    she is beautiful!
    great post :)

  2. studded high tops? You're my kind of gal.

  3. Love the shoes! And your parents built a house by themselves? That's majorly impressive