Sunday, February 5, 2012


    Big weekend for us on all levels. Shaun finally returned to the court, we got snow (yes snow!!!) and what else...oh the Super Bowl.   Pretty eventful all around. After a few weeks of nursing a back/hamstring injury, Shaun finally felt good enough to give it a go. At first, I thought he was jumping in too early since I see him walking around the house and I hear the groans and moans first hand, but I guess he knows best. It's been tough for him since in his 11 year career (at first I put one to many 1's in that and it said his 111 year career..sometimes it feels that way), he has only really been hurt his first year so sitting out is not in his vocabulary.  This year has been especially tough with the crappy situation all around. But both Shaun and I agree, it is better to lose with teammates than watch teammates lose so at least he was able to get out there and be side by side with the guys instead of a spectator. Although they all played well and for the first time in a while, showed some fight and were in the game until the end, they still lost by 11. Tough pill to swallow but have to swallow it and move on none the less. So that was our Saturday night...

{Warm-ups about an hour before game}

{My friend Marie at the game..Merci pour s'asseoir avec moi Marie!!}

{After game, with the sponsors}

{Visit from an old teammate, Vince}

  But wait, on Friday we got snow. Real snow, not just a heavy frost or hail. We didn't even know it was in the forecast so it was a pleasant surprise. I have tried to do some research and see when the last time Toulon has had snow and found differing answers, 2007 and 1986. So I am going to go with 1986 for the impact it has on the story. But in all seriousness, I was giddy. I am a Cali girl who never sees the snow so it was a nice change of scenery for me. It stuck around until Saturday am and by Saturday night it had all melted but snow is now in the forecast for the next few days so we might see more. Shaun laughs at me since being from Cape Cod this is nothing for him. But hey, do I act like I am some 'sun expert' because it is 75 and sunny every day in San Diego? No, so let me have my excitement, which he did for the short time it (and the snow) lasted. (And yes, I realize this is minimal to what 'real snow' is but it's all relative people).

{Our peanut of a car covered in snow}

{Had to show the snow covered ground}

{The olive tress in our backyard}
  As soon as I knew it was going to be cold this weekend, I hit the grocery store. I have been dying for fondue and now that it is cold enough, I can justify having bread, meats, cornichons, apples and potatoes dipped in a pound of melted cheese. Fondue just doesn't make sense when it is in the 60's. 5 or 6 years ago when we lived in the north, both Shaun and I bought each other fondue pots for Christmas. Great minds think a like. We returned one and used the other, maybe too often, when we were still up there. But since we moved to the south, it has only been used as a fryer so this will be a welcome change from the usual. Our plan is to watch the game tonight while eating fondue at the same time. Yes, the Super Bowl may be the single most 'American' tradition behind the Thanksgiving turkey, but we had to put a French spin on it somehow, after all, Shaun is a frenchie. Guess I should say 'Go Pats' since Shaun is from the Northeast but I am secretly hoping for a good game, all the better if the Pats pull it out. I'm just bummed the 'Puppy Bowl' is not airing on our cable. Enjoy the Super Bowl!!

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