Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nice Carnival! Part One!

    After hearing from many people how great the Nice Carnival is, we decided to see for ourselves this year. There are 3 parts to the Nice Carnival: Bataille des Fleurs ( flower parade), Corso Illumine ( night parade) and the Corso Carnavalesque (day parade) all taking place on the promenade des anglais and the surrounding squares. For those who don't know, the promenade is the boardwalk that runs along the sea in Nice.  So really what I am trying to say is that the backdrops and settings are unreal. Yesterday, we saw the Bataille des Fleurs and stuck around for the Corso Illumine at night. The flower parade is just what you would think, floats adorned with flowers.  But what makes it even more fun is they throw flowers out to the crowd as well. So if you really want to be 'that person', you can go home with loads of flowers or wait until the very end when they strip the floats of all their flowers. We decided not to be 'those people' which would of been really easy considering Shaun is much taller than the average French person but instead, we took pictures (and the occasional flower to the head cause we weren't always paying attention).  Overall the flower parade was a really cool experience except for a few pushy people who were very rude.  I honestly thought I was going to have to dip into my old Karate repertoire for a second but alas, kids were present and we are in Europe where personal space doesn't translate to begin with so I simmered down. Since I still have that snazzy camera I posted about earlier, I took loads of pictures so I am still going through the Cosro Illumine pics so those will have to come later. Enjoy.

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