Monday, February 27, 2012

Spring, is that you?

{Mimosa tree, which is in bloom right now}
       I know I am breaking a cardinal rule here and talking about something that we don't want to jinx but the weather has been great.  Yeah, we had some rare snow a few weeks ago, but aside from that, our winter has been a very mild one.  It seems like the weather everywhere is a little random with record highs or lows but I will take what we are getting here any day.  It has been sunny and in the high 60's (low 70's if you're directly in the sun) for the last week or so and it seems like it is here to stay (damn meteo, you better be right).  I know I know, by just saying it out loud I risk losing this warm weather all together, but it is just too good not to acknowledge.  France is still a beautiful country when it is grey and gloomy outside, so you can imagine what it is like sunny and warm.  That proves especially true down here on the coast.  Much of the culture here thrives on warm weather ie.. walking to the markets, outdoor dining/shopping, and nature in general so I am thrilled to be able to enjoy that again.  We always laugh because as soon as it is warm, little restaurants and cafes that you never knew existed or even forgot where there, spill out into the squares and come alive again. 
     While I am not ready to pack away all my winter clothes just yet ( I have learned my lesson before), all heavy clothes and boots are slowly moving their way to the back of the closet and even Shaun has retired his beanie.  Here's hoping I won't be fooled.... again (and that beanie doesn't make a re-appearance).

{Even our sunsets have been great..}

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