Thursday, March 29, 2012


{Our view}

     So remember a few posts ago when I said we were in the market for a nice picnic? Oh and also if we were gonna do it, we were gonna do it right, with great food and nice flatware etc.. ? Well, throw that all out the window. Last night Shaun returned home from practice at around 7pm and we made the quick decision to head down to eat dinner at the beach. We grabbed the closest blanket we could find at the house, drove-thru KFC ( I know, the horror...) and did just that, ate at the beach licking our fingers clean since they seem to have an aversion to giving napkins out at KFC. It was really warm yesterday so a light sweatshirt at the end of the night was barely needed and there was no breeze so the water was like glass. We were initially worried when we arrived at the little 'island' when the sign said it was closing at 8 but then we took a look around and realized that there was no way to 'close' the island so we took the gamble. Turns out, we were not alone as we saw a few people doing as we were (minus the KFC). Funny story though, there was a man with a camera set up on a tripod (real professional looking) taking pictures of the sunset and capturing the multiple colors of the sky. So as we just settle in and really dig into our KFC, he comes over and asks us if we would walk over to the other cliff so he could take a picture of our silhouette in the sunset. (I swear this stuff happens to us all the time, not the sunset pictures thing but we definitely have randoms talking to us a lot, asking for directions, help etc.). So after agreeing to do it and him telling us we had to hustle to capture the right lighting, we walked over to the other cliff and posed for a few minutes all the while he yelled out "don't move", and my personal favorite "a little more to your left" Mind you Shaun was already 6 inches from the cliff's edge. I secretly think he was hoping to capture Shaun falling off the cliff. Shaun secretly thought he wanted to steal our KFC, you can see where Shaun's priorities were. Oh to be in the mind of a man. Anyways, we exchanged e-mails and he promised to send us the picture, still nothing yet but I am hoping he will since it was a pretty great picture. We probably spent a little more than an hour eating, talking and enjoying the view. It made me re-think the whole planning process. Sometimes spur of the moment things turn out to be the best. If I could only adopt that philosophy more often...and have napkins in my purse at all times.

Then things got hairy.....


  1. This story is adorable! I love the pics. You'll have to post the pics if the guy sends them! Toulon is absolutely stunning looking.
    I just found your blog, I'm excited to read about your journey.
    We are also in the South of France, Avignon. Maybe we have some similar stories, although, I'm sure from what I've read here so far, you're more experienced, we're on year 5.

    Glad I stumbled across your blog.

    Louise xo

  2. Thanks for the kind comments Louise, I'm gonna pop on over to your blog and check it out. I am always happy to find someone who can understand the life over here. Shame to say, I've never made it to Avignon but I've heard it is a great city, I'm just so thankful to not be in the north with the grey skies and colder weather, we are lucky;) Have a nice day.