Friday, March 2, 2012


  As I had mentioned before, we decided to treat ourselves to tickets to Cirque du Soleil for Valentine's Day. Well, our Valentine's Day was last night as we got all gussied up and went to our favorite little Chinese restaurant for dinner then headed over to the Zenith to see Cirque. But let me backtrack a bit here...there has been a lot of build-up to see Cirque du Soleil in our household, like 10 years of build-up. Long story short, I had seen Cirque in Vegas many moons ago and saw they were coming to Atlanta so I mentioned something to Shaun. Well being the romantic he is ( I italicized that right?) he wanted to surprise me by doing everything himself and arranging a night for us to go, it was all out of my hands. Well, when Cirque comes to Atlanta (as with most cities besides Vegas), it is a temporary show, as in maybe 2 weeks of running time. Pretty sure Shaun didn't know that, since by the time he had figured out when he wanted to go, it was all but packed up and gone. Which I am thinking he realized this because of two things: 1-me telling him this in a louder than normal voice on the last day of the sold out show and 2-the next day seeing the yellow and blue tent being deflated and packed up since they perform about 1 mile from our house in Atlanta. Fast forward to 10 years later and many eye rolls at the mention of Cirque and we made it!!! While it was a different show than I had seen in Vegas (Mystere), it was incredible. Some of the acrobatic moves these people did were mind-blowing. There were two contortionists who were so entwined together, you couldn't tell where one ended and the other began (or which way they were bending for that matter). Made me feel like an idiot for being so happy that I could finally touch my toes when stretching. The only thing that I didn't remember was all the clapping.... don't know if they do that in the States or it is just my memory fading but it seemed like the French wanted to turn it into a real 'circus' with clapping and hollering.  All in all, I am so happy that we got to go. Shaun likes to think of us finally going as re-writing history, and I agree. Yeah, it might have been 10 years in the making, but it was worth every eye-roll and sigh given. Now, off to stretch...

{This girl was mesmerizing with her ribbon..although when she first came out and ran across the stage, both Shaun and I couldn't help but think of Frank Ricard in Old School.}
{The core strength to do this...unreal.}
{He would straighten his arm then bend it all the while holding his body weight.}

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