Friday, September 21, 2012

Cap d'antibes

{Sentier du littoral cap d'antibes}

    Finally after nearly a month, 2 a days are becoming more and more sparse for Shaun's team. And while I am sure Shaun is happy to only have 1 practice for the obvious reasons, I am happy for a less obvious one...more exploring time. (That is just what Shaun wants to do, replace a 2 hour practice with a full day of walking and exploring, but sometimes in relationships, you have to sacrifice for your significant other out of love...or your wife will make your life miserable for that day.) With the day at our disposal (after cryo-therapy in the am) and the weather in the high 80's, we decided to explore Cap d'antibes. We had heard of a 3 mile path that weaved between the coast and villas that was only accessible by foot. So with map and camera in hand, we headed off. The entire walk should of taken around 1 hour and 45 minutes but  since we took multiple pictures and the terrain was a bit rough, we came full circle in 2.5 hours.  The walk isn't for the faint of heart as some of the paths are with-in inches of the cliffs but the views were amazing. Sadly, we were unable to actually see most villas themselves since many sat behind walls and closed gates but we did spot Abramovich's palatial estate and his many security cameras. And I guess it was everything I expected for someone who owns the world's largest yacht. I will keep the words short because the photos are looonnnngggg....

{The beginning of the path...}

{Nice across the water}

{Lots of textured rocks, looked like something you would find on the moon..I'm guessing}

{Path etched out of the cliffs}

{Doors leading to private property}

{Being very careful by holding the rail the entire way}

{Stairs leading where}

{Private property above the path with the balustrades }

{At this point, I think Shaun was getting annoyed with the 'taking pictures' all the time, then I reminded him that is why we spent the $700 on a new camera and he was very happy to take pictures after that}

{Abramovich's place}


  1. So jealous looking at your pictures...I have camera envy again, I need a new camera!

    1. I am sure there are just as beautiful places in Lyon. How is it by the way? Sad to say that I have never been there. And the camera was well worth the my eyes.