Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Presentation of the team

     About this time all over France (and maybe other countries as well), clubs have 'presentations' of the teams where the teams and the uniforms are introduced to the sponsors and sometimes the public. Although most teams have already played 'friendly' games in front of their home crowds, this is a more formal event where the players mingle amongst the sponsors and can be more of a 'face' rather than just a 'name'. I always enjoy these events because I am a social person and need I say...they usually have wine and champagne there. This year, Antibes had their presentation at the Sophia Country club and it was classy. There was mood lighting, a band, synchronized swimming and a plethora of finger foods...not to mention, the aforementioned wine and champagne. A good time was had by all, especially us wives, and hopefully it is a sign of the things to come this season.

{These girls were awesome, this photo doesn't do them justice}

{The crazy wives, normally I am the only one but these ladies can keep up}

{Laughs are abundant with this team}

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