Thursday, September 6, 2012

Juan les Pins

     To say we live in Antibes might not be 100% correct. We live in Juan les Pins/Antibes and to be honest, I don't really know the difference. But our address says Juan les Pins so I will go with that. Before 3 weeks ago, I had never heard of Juan les Pins. I saw the exit off the highway sandwiched in between Cannes and Nice but never thought anything of it. Come to find out, Juan les Pins is a hot spot for vacationers looking for sandy beaches and an abundant nightlife. When we tell people we live here, they shake their head and say it is too touristy, too loud and too 'popular'. But we are tourists, maybe for 10 months, but still, we are tourists. And when has being too 'popular' ever been a bad thing? Yes, popular and crowded do go hand in hand but for the last week or so, it seems most of the tourists have packed up and returned to their 'normal' life, where ever that may be. For us, this is the best time. The weather is still beautiful, the beach is still the place to be and outdoor dining is in it's prime. Often times, there are reasons that a place becomes touristy, mostly positive ones at that. So we'll be tourists here anytime. Hey, if it's good enough for Jay-Z and Beyonce (who have been vacationing on a yacht here for the last few days), it's good enough for little ol' Shaun and Nikki.

{One of the many outdoor restaurants on the beach}

{Juan les Pins center}

     And these last few pics are definitely peaking my diy interest. I am thinking some major DIY's are on the horizon.

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