Sunday, September 23, 2012

Swimming with Sharks

{At least they all got the sunglasses memo...}
     Last week, the gm for the team approached some players asking them if they wanted to do an optional 'press conference'. Often times, anything 'optional' is met with a pretty resounding 'no' since they have to do many mandatory appearances, so why volunteer for another? Well this one came with a was the unveiling of the new uniform, new name and the new direction the team was going in and it was taking place at Marineland (think Sea World) and the players were going to swim with the sharks. Some said 'no', but most of the players figured they would never have this opportunity again so why not?? Over the last week or so, we have all talked about it and it seems that 'swimming with the sharks' is high on a few bucket lists and it got us thinking a bit. Neither Shaun nor I have a 'bucket list', sounds too morbid for me, but we do have a 'want to do list in our life-time' which basically is a 'bucket list' with a prettier name. All week, we talked about this opportunity and how flippin' awesome it was. I was unable to go with the team, so I threatened management that they had to take lots of pictures and videos for me to see. The day came and Shaun left early in the morning all a flutter with excitement. 2 hours later, he walked back into our place with a sad look on his face and when I asked how it went, he replied, "not good, not good at all, couldn't do it". Unlike scuba or snuba diving, which we have done with no issues, this time there was just a helmet they slipped over their head providing oxygen. Well, the helmet weighed over 100 lbs and for some reason, Shaun was unable to adapt and breathe normally which left him light headed, dizzy and nearly passing out. So, not wanting any brain damage on the account of unveiling a new uniform, Shaun smartly gave the 'thumbs-up' sign and asked to be taken out and watched from the side. Sucks, but such is life. So when Shaun walked in and told me the bad news, my first reaction was a little sadness because I knew he was excited about it, then I laughed...and laughed. I laughed because I pictured Shaun frantically giving the 'thumbs-up'. I laughed because I could only imagine the crap his teammates gave(and still give) him. I laughed not because I am cruel but because we don't take ourselves seriously (kill us if we do). But mostly I laughed because it reminded me of a little story on our honeymoon where we saw someone have the exact same problem and we have told that story over and over and laughed like hell since then. So from here on out, there will be a Marineland worker whose go-to story at dinner parties will be about a basketball player who panicked and had to watch from the sidelines. To him, Shaun is the new 'honeymoon' story. All I can say is, enjoy it while it lasts mister, because Karma is a sneaky beast. Until then our 'want to do in our lifetime' list will look like this...

Swim with the sharks

Les Sharks à la rencontre des requins ! from Antibes Sharks on Vimeo.


  1. we didnt see you shaun , did you go ?

    1. No, il a commence mais apres 2 minutes, il pouvait pas respirer donc il s'est arrête. Tout vas bien la bas? Bis