Sunday, September 9, 2012

While the cats away...

{Backyard view}
     My motto has always been, 'I do my best shopping when Shaun is on the road" and yesterday was no exception. That might sound sneaky, but it's not. Shaun is well aware that this is true and he embraces it. Unlike those rare men that love to shop and browse all day, Shaun detests shopping. It is as fun for him to be dragged from store to store as it is for me to be 'the dragger'. We figured out a long time ago, it was beneficial for both of us to not force the issue. So yesterday while the guys were on the road, I heading to Nice to do some retail therapy with my friend Muriel. Fyi, Muriel is a fellow bball wife whose parents have a place in Nice. Now while we did find some new gems in the stores, the best part was meeting Muriel's family, who by the way, doesn't have a 'place' in Nice. They have a fabulous home overlooking the Mediterranean and are awesome hosts. We drank homemade grape juice (squeezed from the grapes dangling from their arbor), had an aperitif over looking the sea and later ate the most amazing meal accompanied by rose, wine and music. Talk about knowing how to entertain!!! What was only supposed to be a meet n' greet turned into a 5 hour dinning experience that I can't wait to do again. Oh, and the evening was capped off with 15 minutes of unexpected fireworks off the coast in front of their house. This might be the type of shopping and dinning Shaun might want to re-think about sitting out.

{More backyard pics}

{The cliffs below the house}

{Path carved out in the cliffs}

{Even saw some crazy kids cliff jumping}
{Even though it doesn't look like this jump ended well ( can you say...belly flop), the kid turned it around at the last minute and totally redeemed himself}

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