Saturday, September 15, 2012

Surprise care package...


The other day, I received a phone call from a guy at FedEx saying he had something for me. I, chalking it up to the fact that I only have about 5 people call my cell phone in conjunction with no one knowing our address over her yet, told him it was the wrong number and hung up on him. Being a glutton for punishment, he called back and I took the time to put on my 'speaking French on the phone' hat for the 2nd call. (FYI, talking on the phone in French still proves challenging for me since I can't actually watch their lips move. I find myself limiting in person conversations with Frenchies to 10 minutes because as we speak, I inch closer and I would hate to actually kiss someone in a lip reading mix-up. So 10 minutes is where I draw the line, because at that point, I can walk away just labeled a 'close-talker' and not 'the weird girl who kisses people'.) So back to the FedEx guy, he stood by the fact that he had a delivery for Nikki Fein, and that he did. With spider monkey-like speed, I ripped open the package to see 2 boxes of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies that our dear friends, The Martins, had sent. Now, I don't know the girl on the front of the box but I was sure happy to see her. We love care packages, did I say that slow enough for everyone to hear, no? Ok, again, we love care packages. Yes, we are pretty French in our eating habits but there are times when we need to represent the good ol' US of A with things like Ranch dressing, buffalo wings and girl scout cookies. Being in such a tourist city, we are able to find many things but never have we seen Thin Mints. So I would like to thank the Martins for my sweet minty breath, sugar highs and the little black crumbs that have made their way into every nook and cranny in our couch. You guys are the best!! And no I am not sharing because 1- Shaun doesn't really crave things like cookies so why waste a good thing on someone who would not appreciate it and 2- I am an only child. The end.


  1. Speaking of kissing....remember the remi mix up?! You know the whole next season I never got closer than 30 feet to him! The most contact we had was a wave through the car when I would drop lee off. I seriously avoided him like the plague, still so embarrassed! But really glad you were there to witness...

  2. Oh I remember the mix up!!! We tell that story all the time, could be our favorite awkward story of all time over here:)