Sunday, January 20, 2013

Au revoir Christmas...decor

{Until next year...}
   If there is one thing we are known for to our teammates present and past, it is that we love us some Christmas decor. We have wreaths, garlands, poinsettias, trees, you name it. My motto is, if a little holiday cheer is good, then why not really amp it up, can't hurt right? And it makes us happy, so in the words of the 'got it together' Charlie Sheen, 'WINNING'. We, (I'm gonna say we since Shaun has not protested in the 12 Christmasssss we have been together) love it to the point that it stays up for a good bit. And by a good bit, I mean A. Long. Time. Disclaimer...1 year it stayed up until mid-March because we (there I go again with that we) liked the ambient lighting the tree gave off. It got so ridiculous that my mom suggested we remove the ornaments from the tree and add some Easter eggs and embrace our year long spirit, which I am sad we didn't end up doing. So fast forward 5 years or so to last Thursday night when we had our friend/teammate Trevor over for dinner. I don't know what made me look at him at the time I did (maybe I could actually hear the wheels spinning in his head as he looked from wreath to garland to tree to poinsettia) but for some reason, I knew it was coming. And by it, I mean a wise ass comment about our Christmas decor still being up. I beat him to the punch and told him not to even say it, we were on it. So sadly, I think we are going to part with our Christmas decor this weekend. And while I'm sad to let it go, I had a realization that I can keep the twinkle light up in some form and that would curb our 'ambient light' craving. So I hit the trusty internet for inspiration and found many great ideas. Seeing if they actually come to fruition, that's the kicker...



{Credit: Apartment Therapy}

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  1. i currently have twinkly lights in a vase. it's the last of my xmas decor!