Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Year's Resolutions Update

{Bonus of organizing photo is finding ones that slipped through the cracks. This is the view across the water from Antibes to Nice with the Alps in the background}

     Thought I would update on how my resolutions are going since this is the about the time that all of them go out the window...if they were ever in the window in the first place. Back in this post here, I made my resolutions known. If you want to read them in detail with some witty commentary and a little explanation, be my guest. If you don't, these are them in a nutshell. 1-Improve my French. 2-Explore more. 3-Exercise more. 4-Organize photos on computer and make a photo book. 5-Learn how to use all functions on my DSLR camera. 6-Cook a lobster. Pretty simple, not too complicated. So this is how they have gone..

1-Improve my French
    While purchasing fromage (cheese) at the grocery store, I described to the lady helping me (in French I might add) how I did my nails. She seemed to be interested in my glitter nail polish and wanted to know how I did it. Or at least that is what I assumed she wanted to know and let me tell you, she was going to get my best explanation in my best French. After 5 minutes of talking and a little game of charades (no conversation is complete with out it), I walked away smiling and completely confident she was now hip to my nail jive. Later, when I walked by the counter, I noticed her reaching over to some one's hand very similar to the way she had reached to mine earlier which got the whole nail conversation going. But this time, she did something different, she just grabbed the paper number from the next person in line to wait on them. Hmmmmm...

2-Explore more
     On Saturday we took a road trip to Marseille...for Shaun's game. Not to sound ungrateful, but Marseille is not my favorite city so instead of treating it like an 'exploration', we used the 2 hours on the road to hone our singing voices and find our perfect 'karaoke' song. We were in and out. We arrived, watched the game, grabbed a quick Kebab and hit the road. Turns out, Shaun is more of a The Fray, The Calling, and Five for Fighting Guy and I am more of a hummer. Quote of the night...Shaun turns to me, dead serious, after singing for 30 minutes straight and says 'I don't know how these singers do it, my throat is already hurting. You can already hear it in my voice.'

3-Exercise more
     I ran...twice. BUT I have a whole plan together to train for a half-marathon starting...tomorrow. I'm good like that with the planning, not so good with the executing.

4-Organize photos on computer and make a photo book
    Check and mini-check!!! Got pics organized and ordered a photo book credit and made a picture day planner instead. Smell that? That is the sweet smell of success my friends (at least in my opinion).

5-Learn the functions on my camera
    After hours of on-line prowling, I have done some research and realized that in order for me to fully understand my camera, I need another lens. And as much as I tried to convince Shaun that this is true, he called my bluff and smacked my head back out of the clouds. Guess, I'm back to square 1.

6-Cook a lobster
     The closest thing I've come to cooking a lobster was eye-balling a lobster sweater on Forever 21's website. I am going to use the excuse that the fish market near our house has been on an odd schedule lately and every time I have walked by (once), it was closed. Bummer, next time.


  1. For your #5, is a great source for all things camera and photography.

    1. Thanks Greg! I just (quickly) checked out the website and it's great. Hope you all are great.

  2. I used to domine monthly, and now it's weekly! Here's to the new year!

  3. Hahahhahahha, I laughed SO much at the nail thing. Can you imagine what the girl was thinking!?
    Thumbs up to the exercise, the singing (Shaun has good taste!) and the kebab! Though, I have not had one in a long time, need to change that!

    I'm shocked the fish place was closed, normally everything is open, all the time in France...... ahem!