Sunday, January 27, 2013

Seeing a good way

      We are almost back to normal..well almost. I've been anything but normal my whole life so I guess I should re-phrase that. We are almost back to our old selves here at Chez Fein. Shaun has been given the green light to jog and the surgeon is happy with his progress saying he is at least on schedule, if not ahead. Needless to say, we are happy with that. And while that is our biggest priority here, a little side perk if you will, is that now we are beginning to get out and explore again. If you remember in this post, I made getting out and exploring one of my New Year's Resolutions so I am feeling extra smitten in getting back to my old self and semi-fulfilling a resolution. So today, we decided to head towards Cannes and just follow the coast with no end point in mind until we decided to turn around or Shaun got hungry, whichever came first. On a side note, I feel a little bad. Cannes is like that weird family member that you feel obligated to spend time with but while doing so, you are knowing that there are more fun relatives out there, with Nice being that fun relative. It is a great city, don't get me wrong, but other than when family visits or the film festival, we never venture over there...and it is only 4 miles away. It is beautiful in all the ways it should be but Nice offers more to do, more places to eat and just a better ambiance (in my opinion). But hey, I'm all for a change of opinion, just not today. So, we shot by Cannes and followed the road that curved along the ocean. We passed through little villages that were so small they weren't even named on our GPS and began to notice a trend. As we got further from Cannes, the terrain grew a little rocky, craggy and the cliffs were vibrant red in color. If I didn't know any better, I would of thought we had crossed the pond and were in Arizona with the red rocks and all the the cacti, cactuses or cactus (figured I would throw all 3 in there in hopes that one of those is the correct plural form of cactus). We pulled over and took some pictures and vowed to return in the spring for a picnic or two, or at least I did, Shaun agrees anytime I talk about food, so we'll see. When we returned back home, I did some research and found that we had stumbled upon the Esterel Masiff, a mountain range consisting of volcanic soil and rocks, overlooking the Mediterranean. I am sure when most picture the French Riviera, jagged volcanic cliffs and oak forests flanking the sea is not what is imagined but I guess that is what makes the French Riviera so special, and special it is.

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