Sunday, January 6, 2013

Nice, you never disappoint

     Nice, France. Have I spoke of it's beauty before? Oh, I have. Well, sorry to be redundant but some things deserved to be ooohed and aaaahed over and over again and Nice is one of them. A few years ago we made the mistake of taking Shaun's father to a numerous amount of cities on the Riviera for his 8 day stay, which only left us an afternoon to discover Nice. We took kind of a quantity over quality approach. Later Shaun's father would say, 'I could of spent days in Nice, it was that beautiful'. Point taken. So we made sure we did not make that mistake again and dedicated an entire day to Nice and it's many offerings when our family was here for the holidays. And bonus for me, the Christmas markets were in full swing. ( I love me some churros, crepes, hot wine, hot cheese, sausages... basically anything at the market). Nice didn't disappoint. We had great weather and the most unbelievable sunset I've yet to see here. The Christmas market had all the things I love and the Ferris wheel was more than enough entertainment for Ty, my nephew, and Jacklyn, my niece. We capped the day off with dinner in the Cours Saleya with a teammate and some friends before heading back to Antibes. Once again Nice, you didn't disappoint.

{One of the cool things about Nice is that the airport is right on the water at the end of the Promenade}

{Family picture on the beach}
{One of the many colorful buildings in the Vieille Ville}

{Christmas lights}

{Ferris wheel that I braved as to not look like a wimp in front of my niece and nephew, white knuckled it all the way}

{View of the Christmas market from the top of the Ferris wheel}

{Christmas display in Place Massena}

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