Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Strike a pose...

{All photos by Romain Robini}
     Before having family visit for the holidays, Shaun and I talked about trying to get a picture with all of us together. I know that sounds easy but it's not. There is always the 1 person left out who is taking the picture or the ever obvious, long armed self portraits which I am convinced is a sure fire way to check if we have any 'bats in the cave'. So we got to thinking and decided to ask our friend/photographer guru Romain who takes the photos for the team if he was free for an afternoon in hopes of getting a few shots of all of us together. He was more than available and even gave us run down of suggested sites with rankings based on accessibility (Shaun's surgeon told him to avoid walking on sand like it's the plague), lighting and views. We made a tentative date and hoped the weather would cooperate. And boy did it ever. We spent an hour or so mugging for the camera and laughing all the while, I was trying to be realistic in that we might get a few good shots with all of us together. There is always that 1 person with a wanky eye or lame smile (me) who screws up a good picture and with 6 of us, the likelihood of that happening was pretty high. Well, I guess we all brought our 'A' game or more probable, Romain was a genius because when we received the DVD, we had so many great shots to choose from. Each picture surpassed the last in terms of being our favorite and I am so thankful for Romain taking the time to make their trip special. Thanks again Romain.

{Props to Uncle Shaun and my niece Jack who went all out and really sold the funny faces even if it sacrificed looking good}

{Shaun seemed to enjoy the acting out of this picture the most...wonder why?}


  1. Brilliant pictures! I wanted to say the top one was my fav but they are all pretty awesome! Yey!

  2. Too funny the last one and the mustaphe pose!

  3. what are those mustaches for...