Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Paris, Je 'taime

{Arc de triomphe and it's surrounding streets where I am convinced the original Frogger was set since 12 streets converge into 1 round point}

     With risk of sounding too cliche, "Paris, Je t'aime." I love your cobble-stoned streets, your haussmann architecture, your hot crepes on street corners, your endless cafes and brasseries, your fantastic monuments (I'm talking about you Tour Eiffel and Notre Dame), your holiday twinkle, your clear skies. Oh, wait did I go too far with that last comment? Yeah, I thought so. Well at least you had clear skies the last time I saw you so just like the sports phrase 'you are only as good as your last game', I will only remember you as clear and crisp..until the next time I visit and you will most likely prove otherwise. Instead of speaking I will just let pictures do you justice. After all, rumor has it, they are worth a thousand words.

Oh and little fun fact...I had Shaun's wedding ring engraved with 'Je t'aime' since France means so much to both of us. When it arrived, I checked it and it was indeed engraved. However, it said 'Je t,aime' instead of 'Je t'aime' which means 'I love t' and not 'I love you'. We never changed it, figured it gives it a little character.

{New Years Eve on the Champs Elysees} 
{Typical Parisian architecture}

{View of the Eiffel Tower from the Seine during a boat tour}

{The Seine with the Eiffel Tower in the background}

{Notre Dame}

{While it is impressive from the front, the sides and back of the Notre Dame are equally impressive}

{Inside the Notre Dame}

{Prayer candles}


{My niece and nephew praying}

{My nephew Ty after lighting a candle}

{Bikes for rent}
{No matter what the age, 4 or 34, they all toe the line...}


  1. I love Paris! I haven't been with Mark though, I need to do something about your pics...and the story about the ring! I laughed a lot but I agree, it gives it character!

    1. You need to go with Mark. I hate to say it but it is really as romantic as they claim. I just am not too keen on the weather there. I read somewhere that it actually rains more in Paris than in London but it is just not known as much for bad weather as London is. Kind of makes or breaks a trip, in my opinion...