Saturday, March 10, 2012


{Notre-Dame de la Garde overlooking the Vieux Port of Marseille}

  We decided to take advantage of the sunshine and take a 'little' road trip to Marseille. I say 'little' because it is only 35 minutes away but for some reason, it feels like more of a trek than it really is. I am thinking the traffic, tunnels and just overall congestion has something to do with it. For being so close, we certainly don't go to Marseille enough and I can't really put my finger on why...maybe the above reasons have something to do with that as well. Or maybe because it seems a little large and spread out for a French city. Or maybe...I could go on forever with this. So today, we threw all excuses aside and made the trek. The weather has been great with constant sunshine so we ate outside in the Vieux Port under the watchful eye of the Notre-Dame de la Garde Cathedral on the hill above. After what seemed like a two hour lunch, (not getting any complaints from us, come on, what's better than wine, sun and a goat cheese salad?), we walked the streets and did some shopping. As usual, I found 2 pairs of shoes, which brought my total this week up to 3. And, hidden under a tiny mound of sarcasm, I also found a little comment that sounded a lot like Shaun's voice saying 'we are gonna need another suitcase just for your shoes'. Not sure I heard right but I knew better than to try to find the source. Some things are better left alone. And Shaun found...nada.  He is not liking the skinny jeans with pointy shoes thing they got going on over here so he is electing to wait until we get back to the land of 'non-ball hugging' jeans and what he likes to describe as 'normal' shoes..his call. I tend to agree with him since personally I'd rather not see what someone is working with through their pants, but some girls do and that's ok. All the power to them.  After eating and shopping a bit, we drove up to the top of the hill  that houses the Notre-Dame de la Garde cathedral to have a look around and see the view. Both the cathedral and view were amazing. So now after 2 years, we can finally check that off our list....moving on, what's next??
{Chevre salad with figs and freaking good}

{Watch out have competition}
{Shaun is getting better at this taking photos thingie...although it looks a lot like I am in this boat behind me, which I'm not}

{The cathedral}

{Close up view}

{What you see when exiting the cathedral}
{View of Chateau d'If}

{View of...Shaun Fein}

{Shaun is a master of taking the one arm photos}

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  1. Looks like you had a great time! These are beautiful photos! So glad you got a check mark on the to do list! =)