Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Presqu'il du Gaou

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    For a few weeks now, all I have thought about (ok, not all but mostly)  has been going on a picnic. I don't know why that is. Actually, I take that back. I blame Pinterest. I have found myself wanting to do a lot of things that I never thought twice of before and when I really think hard, all roads lead back to Pinterest. So either damn you or thank you Pinterest, still up in the air of which to do. But back to picnics... I've never really been the picnic type. Sure, we have taken food to the beach with us before but I am not talking about that kind of picnic. I am talking about the full on basket, little tablecloth, cute flatware kind of picnic. So in my usual 'obsessive compulsive' ways, I have tirelessly thought of where the best place to have a picnic is near us. My thinking is, I am not going to waste this idea on a 'semi-cool' place, it has to be all or nothing. So alas, while taking a walk down near the beach, I found the perfect place. It is called Presqu'il du Gaou and it meets all the my criteria (which I won't bore you with what they are). About 4 miles from our house, it is a little island connected to the mainland by a teeny bridge of about 15 yards or so. So really it is an 'almost island' which is what 'presqu'il' translates to in english, wow, those French are smart. On one side of the 'island', you have jagged cliffs that face the Mediterannean and lead down to little coves of crystal clear water. And on the other side, it is more of a lagoon feel with calm shallow crystal clear water. There is nothing on the 'island' itself, just paths and a few little trails off the beaten path. Since it is pretty small, you can see every nook and cranny in under an hour, which just so happens to be the length of Shaun's attention span, so we're golden. So now that I have found 'the place', we just have to wait for these winds to die down a bit so I am not eating equal parts my hair and food. And as you can see below, there are many places to choose from.

Here are some photos of the Mediterannean side

Lagoon side

The 'island' itself

These are my two 'potential' spots...can't really go wrong with either, huh?

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